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AFTERNOON ROAR – second thoughts on i want a job

I knew it. I knew it. I swore that it would be self employment. There was a reason for this. But secretly hoped things might be different. Why can’t organizations answer the damn phone in Kerala? It takes three bloody days for someone to answer a phone in the ad agency. At least in other states they pick and then bang the phone on your face. Anyways, the moronic Creative Director (CD) jerk was annoyed and irritated with something and obviously that rubbed into our conversation.

Preface – I have trying to meet this moronic jack ass since over a week now. Every time I call him and fix a date, it fucking pours, making the one and a half hour commute impossible. To avoid getting jinxed by the rain again, I went unannounced, taking a chance. Murphy screwed this chance up and hence I couldn’t see the moronic jack ass.

The phone call made me realize that the CD is truly ugly boss material. I hated him within five minutes of our conversation. Majority of bosses are bloody incompetent, moronic jack asses. The CD is a genuine moronic imbecile who managed to thoroughly piss me off within five minutes of our conversation with his 2 paisa worth sarcasm. The loser asked me to come and met him today which is impossible cause it takes two hours to travel to Cochin and since I don’t know the place I have to ask my father to accompany me. Before I could politely ask him to fix an appointment for tomorrow, his fucking loser attitude lights in his head and is verbally communicated to me. He asks me to see when I am free and then check whether he is. I could feel the sarcasm dripping. Hey loser, I am so much better off than you any day. So shove your hoity dotty creative attitude up your ass. No wonder you are fucking rotting in Cochin you loser.

So, that’s one ad agency that I wanted to get into in Cochin down. No more left. You lurkers were in for an awesome bitch fest from Cochin. That also flopped!

Afternoon Roar – I want the Job

I have been putting off an important meeting with a potential employer. There is no shortage for peripheral reasons – my hair needs to be colored, face needs to bleached, eyebrows aren’t shaped, hands aren’t waxed, I don’t have clothes to wear, expanding waistline. I take the last two reasons extremely seriously.

I hate it when ‘opportunity’ acts like a smart-ass. Why bother knocking on my door when you aren’t going to stick around till I open the damn door? Mind you, I run to open the door. Waiting and hoping was what I did the entire time I worked with an internet giant. Let me assure you that nothing ever happens of that even though you worked your ass off. Yep, it does leave a bitter taste in your mouth. I just realized that this time I took my own time to run to the door. Still hung on the “why’s” from my previous job.

So, tomorrow is going to be a verb oriented day. Tomorrow I am making the much awaited trip to my potential employer. ‘No hopes’ that’s the agenda cause we all know what happens otherwise. Tomorrow means a lot to me. It can bring in the clarity I have been seeking and I wouldn’t be hung over my previous job. So a lot of changes and good things are possible if tomorrow goes well. I pray it does. It will be a full circle moment then.

Universe do conspire, heavens be considerate.