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Uber Creative Home Decor

Spend the entire morning surfing this site. Every time I am about to close the browser, images of superbly creative and crafted furniture or the hanging candles tug my heart. One more addition to my latest personal weakness – An Indian Summer. The ingeniously crafted home décor and furniture on this site would have you pining to do up your home once again.

I love home décor and wooden crafted furniture. Love everything about them – the creativity, the simplicity, the texture, the color, the design, the cuts, the emotions that they bring into a home. My ideal Saturday would be visiting a home décor store. Ikea, home décor at Fab India, the Wendell Rodrigues store in Goa makes me go weak in the knee.

My passion for home décor and Indian furniture started when I moved to India for my education. Since then everything I see, I save an imprint in my long term memory for my own house. Last nine years (education+work) life has been divided between crammed up hostels and single room paying guest accommodation. My weakness for home décor has prompted me to hunt for my own one bedroom apartment in Bangalore. Unfortunately that never materialized. Yes, I must confess, my 101 reasons why I should get married, one of them is home décor/ doing up the house. Well, joy multiples in sharing! No point sitting in my single room alone with hanging candles, exquisite linens and pillows on a Saturday night. Till I have my own house or find a better half to pay for the expenses, I will continue to sigh heavily when I see uber creative and artistic home décor.