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The Road to Creativity –

Yesterday I decided that today would be a verb oriented day. Early morning made the much awaited trip to the ad agency. Encountered a hectic morning after a long time. Almost forgot the knack of running around the house hunting for things.

The road to creativity took a train and a bus ride. Reached to find out that the Creative Director (CD) is not in town. So much for verbs! Yes, I hear you lurkers. Every time I call, it starts to pour heavily, making it impossible to travel.

Traveling the first time by local trains in God’s own country. Managed to find a place to stand. The train journey was insightful. My inner monologues kept me entertained. Thoughts on how people manage to break away from their routine life in search of experiences to unearth life. What does it mean to be passionate? Is it over rated? Is passion powered by publicity? Does passion needs analytical skills or you follow your heart. How much can failure and disappointment dent passion? Can passion pay your bills?

Don’t have straight answers for any of the above questions.

I love writing, I know that much now. Had a chance to listen to Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of ‘Eat, Love, Pray’ on Ted Talks on nurturing creativity. Absolutely loved it. Sharing the link with you lurkers.


AFTERNOON ROAR – the ugly truth behind names

Below is an article that I have written based on my interaction with fellow statesmen. Being a Malayali, I have utmost respect for my state. The article is make you laugh at the same time educate.

Each year has its own style statement and quotient. This is not only reflected in music, lifestyle, cinema but also names. The style quotient for a year is directly proportionate to the names parents bestow on their children. Unfortunately, the most literate state in India didn’t follow any styles or artistic norms regarding naming conventions of Homo sapiens.

Kerala witnessed the birth of short naming conventions. Two syllable names were common. Common translates as every household. Hence, there was an Anu, Binu, Cinu, Dinu, Jinu, Sinu, Tinu in every household. Most of the names would start with the alphabet A as schools followed alphabetical name rolls.

Another trend I noticed is that most names end with vowels. Aju, Biju, Ciju, Jiju, Liju, Tijo, Cijo, Lijo, Rijo, Shijo, Bijo, Diju, Tiju, Juju, Mona were the commoners. The combination of short syllable names and vowels made the names sound pretty much like babble. It is like the Wicked Witch of the West would devour babies who were named beyond two/three syllables endings with vowels.

There was the three name trend. Three names – first name, second name and surname. The second name is that of the paternal grandmother if you are the first girl baby and paternal grandfather if you are the first boy baby. Second children inherit their second name from their maternal grandparents. Sounds sane enough, but the first name still followed the short syllabus trend. Don’t blame the parents, purely shortcomings of the English language.

Another notable trend was names ending with ‘son’. This gave birth to Dickson, Rickson, Godson, Ericson and more. The trick was to tweak every name with son to avert capture from the Wicked Witch of the West.

Love and affection was also displayed through names. Half of the mother’s name and half of the father’s name would most often result in tragic names. To illustrate further, father’s name is Mohan and mother’s name is Omana, the son’s name …any guesses…Mona. Imagine how he would explain the meaning of his name.

I have come across some very sweet people with the most horrendous names. This category includes names as Fly, Senti, Dicky, Dickson, Sweet, Simple, Smile, Joy, Glad, Glory. I will keep updating this list, that’s a promise. I have had the privilege of yelling out the names Fly and Senti in hostel. I think Dicky and Dickson would be valium addicts.

The naming trend on the above mentioned lines is so common in Kerala that a Glad or a Fly or a Jiju or a Dudu would never ever feel out of place till he steps out of his state. Once geographical boundaries are crossed they become a victim of heavy ridicule.

As a state with so much culture, art and meaning attached to our lives, I hope parents can give meaningful names to their children. Let the names be in any language- Sanskrit, Malayalam, Hindi, English, French, Russian. Pleasant and meaningful names would save these kids from a lot of ridicule.

Currently, the naming conventions are better, way better than the late eighties. I guess it is the eighties born unmarried malayali’s who are beleaguered by the naming convention. None wants to get stuck with a guy who has a sucky name.

Afternoon Roar – I want the Job

I have been putting off an important meeting with a potential employer. There is no shortage for peripheral reasons – my hair needs to be colored, face needs to bleached, eyebrows aren’t shaped, hands aren’t waxed, I don’t have clothes to wear, expanding waistline. I take the last two reasons extremely seriously.

I hate it when ‘opportunity’ acts like a smart-ass. Why bother knocking on my door when you aren’t going to stick around till I open the damn door? Mind you, I run to open the door. Waiting and hoping was what I did the entire time I worked with an internet giant. Let me assure you that nothing ever happens of that even though you worked your ass off. Yep, it does leave a bitter taste in your mouth. I just realized that this time I took my own time to run to the door. Still hung on the “why’s” from my previous job.

So, tomorrow is going to be a verb oriented day. Tomorrow I am making the much awaited trip to my potential employer. ‘No hopes’ that’s the agenda cause we all know what happens otherwise. Tomorrow means a lot to me. It can bring in the clarity I have been seeking and I wouldn’t be hung over my previous job. So a lot of changes and good things are possible if tomorrow goes well. I pray it does. It will be a full circle moment then.

Universe do conspire, heavens be considerate.

to a free spirited soul

You can read more about Arun here,

AFTERNOON ROAR- to a free spirited soul

Today afternoon got to know that my classmate from Christ has passed away. I didn’t know him personally. He was the first to explain me the TINA factor from economics. I am sure he wouldn’t even recognize me if he saw me. But everyone in class knew who he was. Such was his character; you just couldn’t miss his presence.

Our afternoon classes were mostly literature. After a heavy lunch the last thing anyone wanted to listen was poetry. Especially when it was read by a teacher with a heavy Malayalam intonation. It gave the assumption that Byron wrote in Malayalam and his work was later translated into English by the village postman. These classes were a constant battle of the eyelids. It was during such afternoon classes that Arun would wake us up either by his one on one session with the teacher or friends or his snoring. Arun’s knowledge of literature put even the teachers to shame. His snoring induced many giggles and laughter. We deeply encouraged any kind of distraction. Most of them were inspired and took form from Arun. I recall him confronting a teacher and then being invited to read out and explain some drama. He modulated his voice, played the character and explained it. More beautifully and efficiently than the teacher’s lullaby. There are many back-bench antics of Arun which resulted in laughter riots.

Arun was beyond a free spirit. He was never tied to the ridiculous norms and adherence policies we followed. He had his own way of doing things. I think the fathers did learn that there is only so much you can reprimand a free spirit.

The last I heard of him was that he and his friend walked/hiked/trekked from India to China. The guy had so many stories to tell. In my previous org, when we would crib about being slaves of globalization and suffocated for creativity, I had mentioned about Arun and his adventure. My friend told me that Arun died in China.

Rest in peace Arun, the only free spirited person I have ever met.

AFTERNOON ROAR – Mickey Mouse the Rascal saves the world

The rat race towards a better market share and profits has caught up with the world’s most loved rodent – Mickey Mouse. The sensitive, gentle, big-eyed, white gloved Mickey is all set to go under the pencil. 81 years later, Disney has decided to revamp its most recognizable creation.

Mickey’s latest avatar is to tap into the video gaming segment. Disney wants to create Mickey as an action hero in the new video game ‘Epic Mickey’. The game is developed by Spector. Nintendo’s Wii console will launch the game next year. His new avatar is sketched keeping in mind the video gamers. The new Mickey is reported as being a mischievous, aggressive rascal.

Being a Mickey loyalist, I can’t imagine him as an action hero or a rascal. Changing his core character would mess up his identity. Mickey’s individual identity helped him overpower the rest of his character friends created by Disney. Disney grew by cashing in on the Mickey phenomena that gripped the world. I think to revamp this vintage character for any market would not yield the desired results Disney expects. It also affects the loyalty that audiences share to Mickey and his creators. Do we really need another action hero? No where in the world is there a shortage of action heroes. Every country has its own regional super hero. With globalization, American super heroes speak in multiple tongues arranging from Japanese to Hindi. So why subject Mickey to such identity crisis after 81 years.

Wonder what is in store of Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and the rest of Mickey’s friends. Only the success of Mickey the aggressive rascal can predict the future of his friends.

AFTERNOON ROAR – Wedding invites or Coasters

I have no clue when I signed up to receive e- mails from Vera Wang on Weddings. Being single and fed up of listening to never ending fairy tale marriage stories does take a toll on your inner monologues. Even if I was pissed drunk, I would never ever sign up for Vera Wang on Weddings. Anyways, some day I did. Vera Wang

I ain’t a fashionista. But can sense and appreciate creativity and class. I’m completely bowled over by Vera Wang as a designer especially her wedding collection. Her creations are spectacular, magnificently graceful and her color palette is surprising and riveting. Vera Wang on Weddings is addictive. Each time you visit the her site, you fall more in love with her designs and sense of creativity.

Few days back I got an e-mail from Vera Wang on Weddings regarding her collection of fine paper and wedding invites. I have always had a soft corner for wedding invites. Vera Wang’s collection of fine paper and wedding invites is to die for. The designer plays with rich color palettes, designs and texture.

Vera Wang Invite

In India (the land of the big, fat, wedding) not much creativity is invested in wedding invites. Most invites end up as coasters and paper kept near the telephone to jot important numbers. Choices are made from standardized templates to save time and avoid the extra running around. As long as the names are spelled correctly, the date is right and the venue is mentioned it is ready to be posted.

Things are changing. The wedding planners definitely know how to rake in their moolah. With theme weddings the order of the season, wedding invites have evolved. Those who take charge of their own weddings manage to send a ‘cool’ and hip e-invite to their friends. The template version is send to their relatives.

Among the millions of invites printed every year, very few end up treasured ones. This could soon change. The Indian wedding rakes in annually Rs.1, 25, 000 crores. (Rediff news) The industry is recession proof as every couple wants a unique and spectacular dream wedding. Hence, they are willing to take extra expenses. An industry increasingly defined by creativity and design, Vera Wang’s wedding invites could be the next social mandate for upper class weddings in India.

Creativity always comes at a price. Vera Wang’s Vera Lace Bordered Oyster VW White Lace White Personalized Correspondence Cards definitely lives up to its name. The price per 50 is $206.00. If you order them when the dollar rate goes down to 40 it is Rs.8, 240.

Definitely on my desirable wish list. Here’s what you should be clicking to make your dream wedding come true or if you want to appreciate creativity and fashion sense.

(pictures have been downloaded from Vera on Weddings)