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Feast for Bridezilla’s and Wanna be Bridezilla’s

Weddings disturb me. Actually these days anything related to weddings disturbs me. A syndrome I developed from the universe yet to conspire an impending arranged marriage for myself. The more I avoid remotely related to marriage links, the more I stumble upon them. Good to know that Murphy and Finagle still dot over me.

Bridezilla’s and wanna be Bridezilla’s, here’s a treat for you. Style me Pretty, their tag line couldn’t be more apt – Obsession for Brides. Love the wedding photographs, the design, the décor. Simplicity makes weddings looks so amazing. Each photograph successfully captures the emotions behind the shutters. I am sure your inner monologue will utter at least one awwww.

Shout out to Elizabeth Messina, love the way she captures life in photographs. You can check her work here. Love her wedding photographs. The West does such a commendable job on capturing the heart and soul of a wedding. Don’t get me started on photographers at South Indian weddings.

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Wear the old coat, buy the new book & stack em on your self made bookshelf

I take immense pleasure in displaying my books. Yes! I do enjoy showing off books I love. Stacked books can change the look and feel of your room. They bring about special warmth. I drool over most bookshelves I see especially the ones from Ikea. The invisible book shelf came to my rescue.

Came across this simple, awesome and inexpensive way to display your books. The books are stacked horizontally and appear to float on the wall. This doesn’t ruin the book, saves space and you can show off your collection in style. Definitely affordable. All it takes is a few L brackets and screws to get an awesome invisible bookshelf.
You can find step-by-step instructions on how to get the invisible bookshelf here.

Wear the old coat, buy the new book and stack them on your self made invisible bookshelf.

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Afternoon Roar – Teux Deux

Tired of making millions of to-do lists? Tired of carrying post it notes, minuscule papers with things to do scribbled on them? Missed the alarm on your phone for things to do? Well, time to unclutter your things to do lists and bring in some clarity.

Presenting… (Drum roll)… TeuxDeux. Simple, easy-to-use, browser-based to-do application. Well what makes it different from the other to-do application? Simplicity and brilliant design. TeuxDeux is a collaborative to-do application from Swiss Miss and FictiveKin. Swiss Miss aka Tina Roth Esienberg is my favorite designer. It’s a battle to close the browser when on her site. If there is something called a ‘brilliantly awesomely radical simple designer who keeps it clean’ it’s Swiss Miss.

I signed up for a TeuxDeux account. Absolutely love it! It’s simple, easy-to-figure out and use and it’s clean. This to-do application has a calming effect. I suggest you give it a try. The entire design is based on practicality and simplicity.

More on TeuxDeux by Swiss Miss,

“In TeuxDeux, you always see and entire week in front of you and you see what day of the week you’re on. Days in the past are light gray, the actual day is red and days in the future are black. You have the ability of checking items off, which is incredibly satisfying. But, you can also ‘x’ an item off, delete it, if you want to get rid of the clutter. Up to you.
Items that you didn’t take care of ‘today’ will automatically be moved to the next day. Also, you can manually drag items from one day to another time in the future.
Then there’s the “Someday Section”: Sometimes you just need to jolt down an upcoming to-do that doesn’t need to be taken care of in the immediate future. Just get it out of your head by adding it to the someday section”.

Give it a try. You will know why I am all fuzzy about TeuxDeux.

If you do want to hook TeuxDeux on your iPhone it will be possible shortly. The team is working on an iPhone application. You can follow for all the latest.

You can read more on TeuxDeux here.

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Afternoon Roar – @Chetan_Bhagat – Twitter’s latest love child

Move over Mr. Tharoor, Twitter’s latest love child is Chetan Bhagat. #chetanblocks picked up great velocity and is now a trending topic on the micro blogging site. I will block you Bhagat just got another follower – me. Wanted to experience the fuzz first hand. Bhagat has 28,772 followers on Twitter.

The war in 140 characters – (taken from Hindustan Times online – Tweet Wars)

@Chetan_Bhagat – Almost anyone who is reading my pirated books can afford the original. It hurts me a lot personally. Just sharing. Piracy kills publishers, esp domestic literature. Gives incentive writers to move westwards. Don’t do it if you care for Indian creativity. At a broader level, a society that doesn’t respect intellectual property never excels at innovation. See what kind of India u want.

@flyyoufools commented: Tying everything to India’s progress today, aren’t we?

@Chetan_Bhagat: Well it is tied to progress. Close ur eyes to it if u want to.

@flyyoufools: In a bad mood today, aren’t we? Let me guess: Royalty check came in?

@Chetan_Bhagat: Buddy, one more smart one and u r blocked. ok?

Tweeter Jojo Philip: Don’t blame the consumer. If he/she gets the product at a fifth of its cost, they have every right to pick it up.

@Chetan_Bhagat: If i can access your bank account, i have the right to steal from it?

Tweeter Jojo Philip: Piracy happens only when there is huge gap between d market cost & buying it otherwise. Greedy publishers plz note. There is a nexus between cops, illegal printers & publishers who r responsible for piracy. Attack d system, not the consumer.

@Chetan_Bhagat: nobody is greedy. if u cant afford it, dont buy it. do u steal cars if u cant afford them?

Tweeter Jojo Philip: No, i don’t steal cars, but if someone was offering me one for Rs 1000, i wud buy it. Blame the guy who is offering me this. as a consumer i have done no wrong. I have paid the guy on the street corner my hard earned Rs 100 & i did not steal it from him.

@Chetan_Bhagat: U have. ask a lawyer. And one more defense of illegal stuff and will block u. ok?

I did expect a tad bit more of sensibility from Chetan Bhagat – ‘the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history.’ per the NY Times.

Overwhelmed by the blues

Monday morning just has to be characterized by inconsolable sadness, evilness and drama. So much for thinking that Monday blues would be a thing of the past after I quit my job. Mere illusion. It’s replaced by a bigger devil – high intensity family arguments. The god knows when impending great Indian wedding does spark awful arguments and conversations. If our society didn’t over rate marriages to the zenith, there would be some amount of peace left in every household.

Is there any literature that captures the emotions during the whole process of an arranged marriage in India? The truth behind the big fat wedding, the designers, the glitz, the glam, before the couple is engulfed by true love. Something that’s in tune with reality, raw and not pseudo unlike Hindi soaps that have twisted/turned TRP inducing mindless plots on marriages and chick flicks/literature where you are single – Ms.Bridget Jones and find your match.

In case you have read something sensible and credible on arranged marriages in India, do drop in the author’s name and the book. Highly appreciated.

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Afternoon roar – The Twinkle says it all….

Around 3.30ish every afternoon, I struggle to put my head through the narrow grills of my window. Staying on the sixth floor has its own perks. One of them is an aerial view of a gully (small lane) next to our apartment. A battalion of ten to fourteen year old Tendulkars, Sehwags, Gambhirs along with two Zaheers and a Bhaji line up. Their specialty is the 20-20 format of the game. The warm up consists of roughly twenty minutes, where each one is craving for attention to showcase their idol inspired style. The pitch is hard. Trees and sticks demarcate fours and sixers. There are fielders everywhere; some of the older ones double up as referees. After much debating and arguments, the toss happens, the field is set and the batsmen and fielders take their respective places. The next two hours unveil the most passionate, enthusiastic, fanatical, chaotic, untamed version of the gentleman’s game.

The kids are over powered by their fervor and zeal to recreate their idol’s perfect strokes. These young batsmen have developed their own style of walking towards the crease. Some run towards the crease, some rotate their shoulder, some wave in the air with their broken bats taped with cinema posters or tied horizontally with a rope, some say a prayer. The bowlers too come with their own rituals. The senior ones rub their hands on the ground. These young kids have already mastered the art of giving importance to cricket and player persona. As the game progresses, appeals and arguments of no ball, being stumped, leg before wicket echo through out the neighbourhood.

Amidst all the energy, the chaos, the tension, the wickets, the master strokes, a ten/twelve year old managed to catch my attention. He is a batsman who falls at number three. Dark, lanky built with a headband and glasses. He walks towards the crease, concentrating on the trip of his bat. Settles down at his place and you can’t miss the remarkable twinkle in his eyes. The twinkle in his eyes sets the mood for a magical onslaught from his bat. His tamed strokes end up as fours and sixers. The bowler can be heard mumbling. Seeing this incredible young talent I couldn’t help thinking of Tendulkar’s twinkle in his eye every time he steps on the crease.

I am an ardent follower of cricket actually truth be told, I am fanatical about the game. Tendulkar’s twinkle in his eyes, Zaheer’s roar when he bowls, Sehwag’s love affair with his bat, Dravid’s persona dubbed as the wall, Dhoni is captain cool is what turns them into champions. I have never seen the Tendulkar twinkle in anyone’s eyes till date but this kid came remarkably close. He got run out in this game but the twinkle remains deeply embedded in his eyes. I hope that his love for the game takes him places and gets him a blue jersey in the future.

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Afternoon Roar – Putting it out there

I love writing. This prompted me to start numerous blogs now under the unattended, dilapidated, wilted and deleted category. Unfortunately, the fervor and zeal while registering for a blog couldn’t ensure its sustenance. Hell, after a week I couldn’t even recall the user name or password. I quit being a slave to an internet giant to focus on my writing and start living life and find a more creative means of employment. I am still in search of the last one.

After I quit my job, I spent a month to unlearn the writing style I picked up on the job. During this, I realized that creativity takes an immense amount of discipline and experimentation. Yep, it was easier to be in a rut and churn sub standard writings under the pretexts of creativity and time zones. I decided to revive this blog and test my writing. In the month of November, I decided to write everyday/afternoon on – life, politics, chocolates, terror, India, cricket, social events. Come rain or sun I would write.

After a few posts, I noticed the blog stats were hardly ticking. The thought that at least I was writing to one lurker wasn’t highly inspirational. I came across a notepad titled Ted Talks with Elizabeth Gilbert. I was aware of the hype surrounding her book Eat, Pray, Love but still wanted to read the book. I Googled ‘Elizabeth Gilbert’ and was directed to her website. She has written a piece which highlights her sheer fervor for writing.

Elizabeth writes, “….Wasn’t that the point of the creation – to communicate something to the world? So PUT IT OUT THERE. Send your work off to editors and agents as much as possible, show it to your neighbors, plaster it on the walls of the bus stops – just don’t sit on your work and suffocate it. At least try. And when the powers-that-be send you back your manuscript (and they will), take a deep breath and try again. I often hear people say, “I’m not good enough yet to be published.” That’s quite possible. Probable, even. All I’m saying is: Let someone else decide that. Magazines, editors, agents – they all employ young people making $22,000 a year whose job it is to read through piles of manuscripts and send you back letters telling you that you aren’t good enough yet: LET THEM DO IT. Don’t pre-reject yourself. That’s their job, not yours. Your job is only to write your heart out, and let destiny take care of the rest.”

I know I have read many pieces as above and made a mental note. But, this one really did manage to strike a chord with me. ‘Put it out there’ and ‘pre-reject’ reverberated in my monologues. This helped me to tame and tone my writing something close to sensible everyday. 38 posts in the month of November and 300 hits on my blog. Extremely delighted with the small step. I ain’t going to make this an Oscar moment. Thanks to Gilbert and everyone who has clicked, lurked and commented.

You can read the complete version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts on writing here.

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