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Murphy’s Law + Finagle’s Law – Karma

After fiddling with the custom status setting on Facebook, I decided to read through this year’s status messages. End of the year does trigger a reflective mood. I have been very prompt with my status updates. Perfectly sums up my emotions through the year. There was substantial amount of coverage given to Murphy’s law, desperately waiting for the weekend messages, explored the emotions of being a slave of globalization, celebrated good times, weddings, social obligations and random ones which I cant even make sense of.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way. Yep, this year Murphy’s Law and Finagle’s law knocked me down real hard. The year started with the evidence of Murphy’s Law at work and moved on to my social life. As the months progressed, I became Finagle’s love child. Saying this year was a roller coaster ride would be demeaning the essence of Murphy’s and Finagle’s law.

While navigating the roads paved by Murphy’s and Finagle’s law, I wondered what happened to Karma. Karma can be roughly translated as reaping what you sow or if one does good or spiritually valuable acts, one deserves and can expect good luck; conversely, if one does harmful things, one can expect bad luck or unfortunate happenings or simply what goes around comes around. I am a staunch believer of Karma; though the intensity has considerably reduced since it abandoned me. Hell, I knew people worse than myself. I saw good karma manifesting in the lives of many even in those people I completely detested, but not an ounce in my own. My Karma was embargoed by Murphy and Finagle. I decided to give my instincts a run for its money. It did betray me occasionally, when it came to choosing a movie theatre, issues at work, catching an auto, ATM machines near my house, tailors and sometimes matters of the heart.

Cradled in the lap of Finagle’s law, I started to act on sheer instinct and desire. Things ain’t that bad now. Murphy and Finagle have moved on to other full time victims. I am wearing the old coat to buy the new book. And might have to do it indefinitely. It’s worth it when you know what you want. Karma has been visiting me in the form of strangers, unknown bloggers, college friends, good old friends and doting family members. Not a bad way to end the year.

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Afternoon Roar – Putting it out there

I love writing. This prompted me to start numerous blogs now under the unattended, dilapidated, wilted and deleted category. Unfortunately, the fervor and zeal while registering for a blog couldn’t ensure its sustenance. Hell, after a week I couldn’t even recall the user name or password. I quit being a slave to an internet giant to focus on my writing and start living life and find a more creative means of employment. I am still in search of the last one.

After I quit my job, I spent a month to unlearn the writing style I picked up on the job. During this, I realized that creativity takes an immense amount of discipline and experimentation. Yep, it was easier to be in a rut and churn sub standard writings under the pretexts of creativity and time zones. I decided to revive this blog and test my writing. In the month of November, I decided to write everyday/afternoon on – life, politics, chocolates, terror, India, cricket, social events. Come rain or sun I would write.

After a few posts, I noticed the blog stats were hardly ticking. The thought that at least I was writing to one lurker wasn’t highly inspirational. I came across a notepad titled Ted Talks with Elizabeth Gilbert. I was aware of the hype surrounding her book Eat, Pray, Love but still wanted to read the book. I Googled ‘Elizabeth Gilbert’ and was directed to her website. She has written a piece which highlights her sheer fervor for writing.

Elizabeth writes, “….Wasn’t that the point of the creation – to communicate something to the world? So PUT IT OUT THERE. Send your work off to editors and agents as much as possible, show it to your neighbors, plaster it on the walls of the bus stops – just don’t sit on your work and suffocate it. At least try. And when the powers-that-be send you back your manuscript (and they will), take a deep breath and try again. I often hear people say, “I’m not good enough yet to be published.” That’s quite possible. Probable, even. All I’m saying is: Let someone else decide that. Magazines, editors, agents – they all employ young people making $22,000 a year whose job it is to read through piles of manuscripts and send you back letters telling you that you aren’t good enough yet: LET THEM DO IT. Don’t pre-reject yourself. That’s their job, not yours. Your job is only to write your heart out, and let destiny take care of the rest.”

I know I have read many pieces as above and made a mental note. But, this one really did manage to strike a chord with me. ‘Put it out there’ and ‘pre-reject’ reverberated in my monologues. This helped me to tame and tone my writing something close to sensible everyday. 38 posts in the month of November and 300 hits on my blog. Extremely delighted with the small step. I ain’t going to make this an Oscar moment. Thanks to Gilbert and everyone who has clicked, lurked and commented.

You can read the complete version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts on writing here.

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Writing after a two month hiatus. This means less writing and more of hitting backspace. To recap, so you know where all the meaningful posts, repressed anger, inner monologues, aggravation, happiness and the swearing arise.

Aug 15th now has a very special meaning in my life. Freedom from being a slave of globalization to an internet giant. I quit my job. There is more to globalization than brands, malls and lifestyle. A post on this soon.

Came off for a short and well-deserved vacation home i.e. Kerala. I felt I needed to get away from everything and everyone. Clear the air, breathe, contemplate, read, write, organize my inner monologues.

Continuing on that “short” and well-deserved vacation. Adjusted my life to certain forgotten luxuries – early morning kapi made my amma, access to full force running water in the shower, car, absolutely delicious food, resting, sleeping in the afternoon and more resting. The Greeks would be very proud of me for being an excellent parasite. In ancient Greece, parasites were pretty much like nomads. They earned their daily meals by entertaining the village folks through conversation/verbal communication. All I do is talk. Topics never run dry with my super receptive audience.

Numerous times, I had doubts on my hiatus. There were days dominated with blah-ness or laziness. Days were I did not answer calls cause I had nothing to say or tell. Days that made me feel enormously stupid. Days where I could not decide the simplest of choices. There was no shortage of emotional junk lashed by my monologues. Eventually time settles everything that has been floating around for ages. Certain moments do form a full circle.

The lull has worked. Certain concepts had to be mend. Certain changes obligatory. Certain passion and energies rekindled. Certain personal equations changed. Acknowledged certain myths that work well. Certain addictions are good. Right now, it’s Twitter. Stalking random people on twitter is extremely insightful.

Take the hiatus if you require one, it really works. The lull concocts a kind of riveting energy into your soul.

Revival hoping there is atleast one lurker today. been two months since my last post. changes, mood swings, laziness and so much more. Inner monologue is calling for a revival. Going to breathe some fire and air into the roar of the rajan today itself.