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Last few breaths of TravelMate 240 (TM)

The year was 2004, month of June. I can recall the victory dance I did in front of amma. The occasion – arrival of Acer TravelMate 240. To say the least, I was beyond ecstatic. My very own laptop. The whole day was spent in exploring Windows Media Player! The year was 2004. Today, there are efforts made to ensure that every kid in Africa has one.

This could well be the last keyed in from TM. TM has its own persona. Was more than a fine piece of machinery. Definitely a Gemini in nature. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to explain your schizo nature. My constant companion. TM was a part of most of my escapades. And has made it through countless airport checks, security checks on international boundaries, conveyer belts, inter-state rickety bus rides, drives, flights and more. I am eternally grateful for all the applications in you. From word to g talk, from internet to windows media player. At times you were my saving grace, my archangel, cupid (though you really screwed that one up!), my laughter, my friend, my pet tortoise, my listener, my home theatre, my secret keeper, my thesis buddy. You are such a good spirit TM!

There are instances of me being rude/ swore at you (cause you take forever to sign in). I have dropped you a couple of times specially while eating (you are a wee bit on the heavier side!) I do apologize. Off late, I have had to deal with your increasing mood swings, lengthy re-booting sessions, frozen screen, hung keyboard, super slow (like slower than a snail speed). Dude, you have been crashing too fast, too many times. Old age caught up with you.

With a very heavy heart, I have to think of other viable options. Can’t give you away cause no one would deal with your schizo nature and keypad faults. Can’t think of putting you to sleep when we have shared a lifetime. No one can stop the forces of retirement I guess. Five years of loyal service. Five years of good, bad and ugly memories. Thanks! Hugs.

P.S. How the hell did you manage to erase my own profile from your memory! Arrrghh! Time to wrap you up in an old bed sheet and off you go into the cupboard.