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All about Credit

Finally, managed to watch 3 idiots. Loved it! The movie 3 idiots has become a phenomenal hit. Reports say that the film is bound to surpass previous highest Hindi movie collection records. Unfortunately movie has run into a deep controversy involving the originality of the script. The tussle between Chetan Bhagat, the writer of the book Five Point Someone and the Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Raju Hirani makers of the movie has picked up full steam ahead.

Chetan tweeted this link. Star News did a story on the above fiasco. This should bring in further clarity. Aamir Khan should actually read the book before making any further comments. Seriously, 3 idiots really didn’t need a scriptwriter. I mean all the makers did was Ctrl C and Ctrl V. Go, on read the book, watch the movie and voice your opinion.

Chetan did quite well for himself during the interview.

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All about Credit

Ugly controversy broke out between Chetan Bhagat, author of Five Point Someone and the makers of 3 idiots. It’s over the placement of Chetan’s name on the credit list and the originality of the script. There has been back and forth comments from both the sides, those who have read the book and seen the movie and the media. Unfortunately, I have not seen the movie, but read the book hence I cannot make any comments on the issue.

I follow Chetan on the micro blogging site Twitter, where he has posted a link to his blog. A post in his blog successfully validates his claims that the movie was more of an adaptation of his novel than an inspiration. After reading the post, I knew one thing Chetan Bhagat can survive in Bollywood. He ends his post by saying this,

“Like I said, I don’t need anything. Even if I have no more movies made on my stories or nobody wants to read my books and columns, I’ll happily join ISKCON and dedicate my life to Krishna. But I will not shy away from the truth – ever.”

Here is a link to Chetan’s blog.

I was really feeling sorry for the guy until I read this quote on ibnlive by Vidhu Vinod Chopra saying,

“He (Chetan Bhagat) was promised a bonus if the film becomes a hit, and it was given to him even before the film released. You are giving fame to a man like that. When a film becomes a hit, a lot of people come out to share credit.”

I agree that the ‘Based on the Novel’ credit should have been introduced in the beginning as hardly anyone sits through the end credits of the movie. I fail to understand the Indian mentality of never sitting through the end credits of a movie. As soon as the end credits rolls, everyone in the theatre is standing up. When the audience has been sitting for two and a half hour, what do they lose by remaining seated for another two minutes?

I learnt the importance of being seated while the credit rolls during my college days in Manipal. I always impart that knowledge with anyone I go to the movies. Very disrespectful to leave or stand up when the credit rolls. They are the guys responsible for the movie and being seated is your way of acknowledging their work. I must mention Farah Khan’s approach to credits. She makes interesting credit rolls for all her movies. Her end credit has a cameo of everyone in the unit including the spot boys.

Next time you are watching a movie, make sure you remain seated through the credit rolls, even if the entire theater is standing up. Absolutely necessary to acknowledge the people who have made it. Incase you are rolling your eyes saying,

“Ya! rite, imagine the torture inflicted by Kambhakkat Ishq or What’s Your Rashee?”

I would say,

“Didn’t the trailer warn you about the impending misery.”

Hits and Pits of 09

My favorite part of 09 – the year end lists. Lists that showcase the best, the mediocre and the worst. From movies to celebrities, scandals to scams, fashionsta’s to fashion faux pass, music to ads, food to drinks. Anything that can be counted and classified will be listed in the top/bottom 09 lists. Most of the 09 countdown/top/bottom lists are gibberish by nature and used as fillers by television channels.

I look forward to a few 09 lists. One of them is Rajeev Masand’s Hits and Pits of 09. The list is a collection of Rajeev’s personal choice. I swear by Rajeev Masand and his show ‘Now Showing’ on CNN-IBN. Per Masand, the hits include – Kaminey, Luck by Chance, Wake Up Sid, Gulaal and Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year. The Pits include – Blue, Chandni Chowk to China, What’s your Raashee, Luck and Kambakkht Ishq.

Damn! My ongoing hiatus is the culprit for the absence at the movies. Masand’s hits list will have to be faithfully carried over to the next year. The only movie I have seen from the Hits list is Lucky by Chance. From the pits, I have seen Chandni Chowk to China (on cable) and Kambakkht Ishq (downloaded). ). Dev.D, A Wednesday, Welcome to Sanjjanpur should have made the cut to the hits list. Pits should have included Paying Guests, Life Partner and numerous other slapstick badly timed comedy turned tragedy for the viewer that were rolled out this year. Kambakkht Ishq should receive a Razzie and Razzie life time achievement award should go to its director. To ask the director what he was thinking would be undermining your own intelligence.

Cinema is an art form. Agreed that cinema should not be pirated or downloaded due to the amount of work and effort involved in making the art. I follow a personal, slightly biased rule before dishing out Rs. 150-250 to watch a movie in the theatre. I am driven to the theatre because of the director, the cast and pointers from Now Showing.

I have always wondered how people go to the theatre to watch a movie like Blue, Kambakkht Ishq or Luck. What part of their cognition allows them to deduce they want to dish out Rs200 for self inflicted torture?

The review of Luck had me in splits –

“Luck came with the stupidest climax you could possibly imagine: Imran Khan’s character escapes death despite being shot at point blank range, because – listen carefully – turns out he’s one in a small minority of people whose heart is on his right side, not left” – Rajeev Masand.

Here is Rajeev’s Hits and Pits list of 09.

Did anyone watch ‘The President is coming’?

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Afternoon Roar – My name is Khan

The much awaited trailer of the year is out, that of ‘My name is Khan’. The movie is slated for release in February 2010. The movie brings back India’s favorite on screen couple, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol as protagonists. My name is Khan directed by Karan Johar. The movie produced by Dharma Productions and Red Chillies Entertainment has tied up with Fox Star Studios and Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The first trailer of My name is Khan posted on the film’s website, is 3 min 01 sec. Here’s a small review of the trailer.

The trailer is build on the foundation that there are two kinds of people. Those who do good deeds and those who do bad deeds. The trailer starts introducing the male protagonist of the movie, Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan). One minute into the trailer, Rizwan, an autistic man, makes a strong connection with the viewer. Impressive dialogue delivery and voice modulation by Shah Rukh Khan. Effortless on screen persona and presence by Shah Rukh Khan does breathe life into Rizwan. Rizwan meets Manidra (Kajol) and her son. They become one big inter religious happy family. The happy trailer then cuts to 9/11 and racial profiling. The family being from an inter religious background gets religious profiled. Rizwan decides to go to Washington DC to meet the President of the United States. The trailer showcases various events Rizwan endures during this journey. Rizwan’s journey is showcased with emotional packed scene cuts.

The trailer echoes visuals on the theme –

We are stronger than our fears
Greater than our limits
More than just a name

The trailer ends with Rizwan saying,

“My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.”

Refreshingly different piece of work from Karan Johar. Waiting to see the movie. Yes, there are parts in the trailers where the cynic in me is wondering but since it’s completely unfair to judge the plot by the trailer. I shall not make skeptical judgments before seeing the movie.

AFTERNOON ROAR – dinner with Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Obama

The New Indian Express carried a story today on, “Guess who’s coming to Obama’s dinner for Manmohan.” A lot of buzz is being generated regarding the guest list of the first White House state dinner in honor of the Indian Prime Minister. A reputed journal, Politico has published its own wish list of top ten guests. This list includes Bollywood couple Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Are you kidding me? I am dumb struck. I am contemplating on what basis Abhishek got an invitation.

  • Was it his powerful performance in Dostana that got him a ticket to the White House
  • Was it his highly successful brand image that translates as high commercial viability
  • The non resident Indian population loves him
  • He is the son of the Iconic face of Indian cinema – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan
  • He went to The Cannes, so the White House is the next natural stop
  • His advance tax amount can eradicate poverty in at least one Indian state, so this trip is a reward from the government
  • He can personally address the issue of Bollywood celebrities as Shah Rukh Khan and Neil Nitin Mukesh being questioned on American soil
  • More Indian students might go for higher education to the US, cause their favorite actor an ex nobody is now dining with the President

Abhishek Bachchan doesn’t look like he is troubled by the problems facing India except for roads, traffic and award functions. Does this guy even know the GDP of our country? He is a true Bollywood celebrity. This means a history of accumulating flop films, hiring an awesome PR team, endorsing, supporting charities and acting. Spreading awareness by telling a billion people to “walk when they talk.” Has jumped on the latest bandwagon- Twitter. Majority of Abhishek’s tweets have been centered on his next release “Paa.”

What are Abhishek’s credentials to represent India at the White House? Don’t say cinema cause that is not true. Passionate contributors and followers of Indian cinema are still living in India. Nandita Das, Shabana Azmi, Gulzar, Nazaruddin Shah, AR Rahman and Adoor Gopalakrishan are any day better raconteurs than Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Wonder who is going to share the table with Abhishek and Aishwarya.