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AFTERNOON ROAR – passion rekindled

Every house I visit in Kerala, it’s the same story a zillion times.

“Look at you! It’s been years since we saw you. I remember the last time I saw you were a kid hugging a Smarties tube and you wouldn’t let go of it.”

The Smarties tube was my trademark. I was a faithful brand ambassador of Smarties to the sub continent. Nothing could over power my love for Smarties. The wandering eye of other four year olds or my parents’ pleas to share had no effect on me. I made sure I hugged the Smarties tube even harder. Such was my passion for Smarties and chocolates.

So you would think I became a chef or I have a small chocolate outlet or I am the real life Juliette Binoche in Chocolat. No such luck! I ended up in advertising for an internet giant.

As I grew up, chocolate went down on my priority list thanks to the baby fat and my mother’s excellent hiding techniques. I moved to other indulgences. Chocolates were reserved for special occasions. Later, I found happiness in an occasional five rupee Cadbury Diary Milk twice a month.

I stayed with my friends in the heart of the city. Everything about the place was par excellence. Expect for one little glitch – no kitchen. There was a microwave, fridge but no gas. It did bother us from time to time but then again the location made it up. I often complained to a friend about what pain pot luck was. She being aware of my situation gave me an easy to make chocolate recipe. A year was spent before making it as I lost the recipe repeatedly and each time she was kind enough to give to me. Finally, I made it and took it to the office pot luck.

This rekindled my passion for chocolates. I was super thrilled with the rave reviews I got. I narrated this to my soul sisters in my house. Yes, the apple did fall on our heads. We decided to spruce my oddly shaped chocolate balls and sell it. Here’s what happened –

what I love to work with

sugar coated chocolate truffles

chocolate truffles


my creative designer with her art work


about to be sealed for delivery

the final product