About Me – Humble Beginnings….

It took me close to three years of being a slave of globalization to realize what I want. I guess some are late bloomers for a reason. Worked with an internet giant, advertising to be specific. For close to three years, I battled inner monologues on creativity, reasoning, writing and money. During the recession, when people were safe guarding their jobs and security blankets, I decided to take the plunge. Yes, being the quintessential Gemini has its own perks. Gave up the nice cushion chair, the unlimited cappuccinos, the mindless bull shit writing, the company of conniving desi’s who sold their soul to wipe the MNC ass, the free stationary, heart warming glimpses of the IIT boy who sits on the fourth floor, heart wrenching pseudo friends, free internet and the shimmering Gandhi notes.

Took a three month hiatus to unlearn certain nonsense I learnt on the job, for clarity, to discover what it is to yearn, to listen, go back to the basics of living, expose myself to art, be blown away by simplicity and creativity. It was in this process I decided to breathe some life into this blog. This is not a niche blog. My posts are based on a plethora of sights, sounds, pictures, colors and emotions that constitute life. Good things do arrive out of a hiatus; I figured the one thing I love to do – Write. Leaving the streamlining to time for now. (Strong favorites- politics, India, dissecting the quotes of the US President, social living, lifestyle)

Currently, I am working on a coffee table book on Chai (Tea); fleshing out characters and plots for a fictional yet to be titled book. Shameless plug in – both the books have no sponsors or agents yet. Since, there are bills to be paid and life is to be lived, I have to scout and scavenge to monetize my writing.

You can email me at – t.writer13@gmail.com
Tweet me – rajantina

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    • raghu
    • January 30th, 2010

    No matter what you loose in the pursuit of writing make HOPE the last in the list.

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