The French Connection

Just heard the single ‘L’Amoureuse’ from the album ‘Comme si de rien n etait’ by the French first lady Carla Bruni.

Pardon for my ignorance, I didn’t know that the Italian beauty turned French Carla Bruni could sing. The super model turned singer turned mistress to Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton turned France’s first lady is actively pursuing her singing career.

A bit of trivia about Carla the singer – Carla is three albums old. She quit her modeling career to pursue her true love music. She burst on the French music scene with her debut album ‘Quelqu un ma dit’ in 2002. ‘Quelqu un ma dit’ was received well by critics and the public. This album went to earn Carla the French music award, Victoire de la musique. ‘Quelqu un ma dit’ has sold 1.2 million copies in France and 800,000 overseas. Carla’s second album ‘No Promises’, an English album didn’t do quite well as her first one. In July of 2008, Carla released her third album ‘Comme si de rien n’était’.

I haven’t heard all the songs on ‘Comme si de rien n etait’ as my internet connection is taking forever to buffer. Listened to ‘L’Amoureuse’ and absolutely loved it. Confession, I cannot comprehend French. ‘L’Amoureuse’ has a very pleasant, splendidly mesmerizing string arrangement which embraces Carla’s jazz, sultry, dreamy voice. The track is an ideal one to listen when you want to relax, sip on some gorgeous red wine and drift to paradise. Would also recommend it for a nice after dinner date music. I am awfully kind with compliments when it comes to anything French. It’s the dreamy, romantic, arty montage that is associated with the country.

Check out Carla’s music site here. All the songs have listening samples.
For Ms.Bruni on iTunes, click here.

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