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Finally, managed to watch 3 idiots. Loved it! The movie 3 idiots has become a phenomenal hit. Reports say that the film is bound to surpass previous highest Hindi movie collection records. Unfortunately movie has run into a deep controversy involving the originality of the script. The tussle between Chetan Bhagat, the writer of the book Five Point Someone and the Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Raju Hirani makers of the movie has picked up full steam ahead.

Chetan tweeted this link. Star News did a story on the above fiasco. This should bring in further clarity. Aamir Khan should actually read the book before making any further comments. Seriously, 3 idiots really didn’t need a scriptwriter. I mean all the makers did was Ctrl C and Ctrl V. Go, on read the book, watch the movie and voice your opinion.

Chetan did quite well for himself during the interview.

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    • Ajay Gupta
    • January 2nd, 2010

    To see people like VVC, Rajkumar Hirani and so called creative actor Aamir Khan, telling blatant lies and talking all stupidity on TV is a pain and amusing at the same time. The movie is based on CB’s 5.1 some one and film script is prepared by rajkumat hirani, VVC and Joshi whoever it is. The movie is there and the novel is there for everybody to read. Where is the controversy. It is very clear that if 5.1 was not there, 3 idiots, the movie could not have been there. VVC and team can take credit for making a decision to make a movie based on such a fantastic novel and they are raking in money for that decision, however why the trio of VVS, RK hirani and Aamir khan are hell bent on proving themselves to be idiots and that too irritating, detestable cheating idiots.

    • @Ajay: Hi, absolutely true. Disappointed that Aamir made such pointless comments before reading the book. Chetan is clearly telling people, read the book, watch and the movie and you will notice too many similarities for a film whose script has been in the making for over a year. The book is clearly more than an inspiration to the film.
      Extremely disappointed with VVC, Hirani production team. Comparisons are being drawn to Simon Beaufoy, the scriptwriter for Slumdog millionaire who was immensely thankful to the author Vikas Swarup.

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