Negotiating American Style

“If Islamabad cannot deliver against terrorists, Washington may be impelled to use any means at its disposal” President Barack Obama.

It’s poignant that Uncle Sam never learns from his mistake – Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan.

I think it’s time Mr. Obama takes a history class on his country’s foreign relations especially with the country of Pakistan. Unlike his predecessor, I am delighted that he can point out Pakistan on the map. The Barack government is also aware of terror groups operating from Pakistan’s soil. Based on this fact, I am in awe of your government’s reasoning capabilities. Why does the US government pump financial aid into Pakistan in disguise of humanitarian grounds? Of course, the Taliban, the LeT and other groups are made of humans. No, I am not surprised with the US government’s ignorance. Ignorance is entrenched within the pillars of American democracy. India has repeatedly raised concerns over the US government’s financial aid policy. The financial aid might be goodwill and pocket change to please the dictatorship in Pakistan. Pocket change that ends up paying for maybe Kalashnikov’s or a new school teaching how to unleash effective and efficient terror.

Extremely curious to know about the “means” Mr. Obama is talking about. Does it refer to

– Phone call to Mr.Zardari
– Cutting or avoiding the financial aka humanitarian aid
– Repeating the age old drone attack propaganda which the world doesn’t buy anymore
– Air strikes against Pakistan which would severely damage an already dilapidated US image with the Middle East
– Embargo’s which is another eye wash propaganda
– Air strikes on Pakistan provided the US can gather support from neighboring countries to use their base or ocean

In short, there is absolutely nothing the US government can do to or in Pakistan. Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 can easily validate the above. The hand that fed the enemy is what the enemy is fighting now.

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