Afternoon Roar – dealing with a dreadful haircut

I have endured great misery, cried myself to sleep, never met friends on that weekend, begged my friend to pin it up with tiny black hair clips and tried endlessly to make some aesthetic sense into the mess they create. Having suffered more than my share of bad haircuts, I found freedom. I have been liberated from the tyranny of the breed of bad hairstylists. Never had a bad haircut in the last five years.

I always walked out of Bounce, Lavelle Road, Bangalore feeling on top of the world fabulous. Long, lustrous, ultra smooth, layered, with the just the right bounce, gorgeous, below shoulder length hair that would put a Pantene ad to shame. You have to get a haircut in Bounce to feel what I am talking about. I am sure many would agree with me when I say, “No compromise on haircuts.”

Cut to Kottayam, Kerala. I guess good fortunes don’t cross inter state boundaries. After my haircut I was greeted by the same emotions which frequented my mind before Bounce – sadness and misery. I am in vogue with the season. The layers in my haircut resemble a Christmas tree. I asked for nice razor cut bangs, now my face looks like a square box. I paid close to Rs. 250 to look like shit especially during the holiday season. I reassured my mother that my hair really grows fast. Parachute advanced oil would be my trusted aide during this holiday season.

    • delhizen
    • December 4th, 2009

    Tina post a picture with your latest cut and let us give you suggestions on how to make that cut into a trend… It is so doable trust me! i have explored with all kinda cuts and actually planned some disastrous ones too only to fall in love with them later and even inspiring a few ppl to get them done 😉

    • Hey Pallavee,
      as tempting as it sounds, I am afraid I have to resist that offer, putting up the pic ie.
      The OMG! Dreadful phase has turned into a more manageable one thanks to my hair iron and L’Oreal hair serum. Jai Ho to non sticky coconut oil! In case your monologues are wondering yes I do shampoo and condition my hair after the oil!

      Thanks for the visit.

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