Afternoon Roar – the Leak that didnt sting

For once I thought that justice would prevail. Very disappointed to know that the Liberhan that after spending Rs 8 crores over a span of 17 years, there has been no penalizing action against any of the accused. Such is the state of affairs at the helm of Indian politics. The Liberhan fiasco highlights the numerous redundant committee and commissions that remain docile in India. Crores of Rupees spent on investigations without any credible action oriented agenda. It’s high time that the government outgrows its practice of starting committees and commissions. I read a tweet from Vir Sanghvi which said that commissions and committees are started for the sole purpose of giving employment and housing to retired judges. I absolutely agree with him

    • delhizen
    • November 30th, 2009

    okay 8 crores/17 yrs and no ans from the report.this disturbs you.

    Did you read the TOI report on 26/11 this year which said 31 crores have been spent so far on Kasab’s security ( the sole terrorist who was caught alive)

    now make a statistical data and see if keeping one terrorist alive is such a big cost and that also when every fact is as transparent as it cud b- even after one year he has not been punished then why blame failure of one report…

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