No Backup for Rains

Was under house arrest the entire day thanks to the weather. Heavy rains with strong winds. Intermittent thunder and lighting. Perfect for a cup of Kapi (coffee) made from freshly picked and ground coffee beans and a book. Made the Kapi but didn’t have anything stimulating enough to read. Such a waste of good weather. At times like this my backup is to read “The Radar Blog.” There is a reason why I call his blog the Radar Blog. Here is why –

Confessions – Ok…so I’m a sucker. The lifeline of a crush doesn’t last seven years. Especially when you never spoke to guy in college and he moves to another continent. Well, not necessarily so. Not if his posts are absolutely riveting to read and his poetry is magical. Like wine, his writing and poetry gets better with each post. Then what do you do huh? Next time I will be better armed for the rains. Any suggestions for a rainy day read is more than welcome.

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