The Road to Creativity –

Yesterday I decided that today would be a verb oriented day. Early morning made the much awaited trip to the ad agency. Encountered a hectic morning after a long time. Almost forgot the knack of running around the house hunting for things.

The road to creativity took a train and a bus ride. Reached to find out that the Creative Director (CD) is not in town. So much for verbs! Yes, I hear you lurkers. Every time I call, it starts to pour heavily, making it impossible to travel.

Traveling the first time by local trains in God’s own country. Managed to find a place to stand. The train journey was insightful. My inner monologues kept me entertained. Thoughts on how people manage to break away from their routine life in search of experiences to unearth life. What does it mean to be passionate? Is it over rated? Is passion powered by publicity? Does passion needs analytical skills or you follow your heart. How much can failure and disappointment dent passion? Can passion pay your bills?

Don’t have straight answers for any of the above questions.

I love writing, I know that much now. Had a chance to listen to Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of ‘Eat, Love, Pray’ on Ted Talks on nurturing creativity. Absolutely loved it. Sharing the link with you lurkers.

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