Afternoon Roar – I want the Job

I have been putting off an important meeting with a potential employer. There is no shortage for peripheral reasons – my hair needs to be colored, face needs to bleached, eyebrows aren’t shaped, hands aren’t waxed, I don’t have clothes to wear, expanding waistline. I take the last two reasons extremely seriously.

I hate it when ‘opportunity’ acts like a smart-ass. Why bother knocking on my door when you aren’t going to stick around till I open the damn door? Mind you, I run to open the door. Waiting and hoping was what I did the entire time I worked with an internet giant. Let me assure you that nothing ever happens of that even though you worked your ass off. Yep, it does leave a bitter taste in your mouth. I just realized that this time I took my own time to run to the door. Still hung on the “why’s” from my previous job.

So, tomorrow is going to be a verb oriented day. Tomorrow I am making the much awaited trip to my potential employer. ‘No hopes’ that’s the agenda cause we all know what happens otherwise. Tomorrow means a lot to me. It can bring in the clarity I have been seeking and I wouldn’t be hung over my previous job. So a lot of changes and good things are possible if tomorrow goes well. I pray it does. It will be a full circle moment then.

Universe do conspire, heavens be considerate.

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