AFTERNOON ROAR- to a free spirited soul

Today afternoon got to know that my classmate from Christ has passed away. I didn’t know him personally. He was the first to explain me the TINA factor from economics. I am sure he wouldn’t even recognize me if he saw me. But everyone in class knew who he was. Such was his character; you just couldn’t miss his presence.

Our afternoon classes were mostly literature. After a heavy lunch the last thing anyone wanted to listen was poetry. Especially when it was read by a teacher with a heavy Malayalam intonation. It gave the assumption that Byron wrote in Malayalam and his work was later translated into English by the village postman. These classes were a constant battle of the eyelids. It was during such afternoon classes that Arun would wake us up either by his one on one session with the teacher or friends or his snoring. Arun’s knowledge of literature put even the teachers to shame. His snoring induced many giggles and laughter. We deeply encouraged any kind of distraction. Most of them were inspired and took form from Arun. I recall him confronting a teacher and then being invited to read out and explain some drama. He modulated his voice, played the character and explained it. More beautifully and efficiently than the teacher’s lullaby. There are many back-bench antics of Arun which resulted in laughter riots.

Arun was beyond a free spirit. He was never tied to the ridiculous norms and adherence policies we followed. He had his own way of doing things. I think the fathers did learn that there is only so much you can reprimand a free spirit.

The last I heard of him was that he and his friend walked/hiked/trekked from India to China. The guy had so many stories to tell. In my previous org, when we would crib about being slaves of globalization and suffocated for creativity, I had mentioned about Arun and his adventure. My friend told me that Arun died in China.

Rest in peace Arun, the only free spirited person I have ever met.

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