AFTERNOON ROAR – Mickey Mouse the Rascal saves the world

The rat race towards a better market share and profits has caught up with the world’s most loved rodent – Mickey Mouse. The sensitive, gentle, big-eyed, white gloved Mickey is all set to go under the pencil. 81 years later, Disney has decided to revamp its most recognizable creation.

Mickey’s latest avatar is to tap into the video gaming segment. Disney wants to create Mickey as an action hero in the new video game ‘Epic Mickey’. The game is developed by Spector. Nintendo’s Wii console will launch the game next year. His new avatar is sketched keeping in mind the video gamers. The new Mickey is reported as being a mischievous, aggressive rascal.

Being a Mickey loyalist, I can’t imagine him as an action hero or a rascal. Changing his core character would mess up his identity. Mickey’s individual identity helped him overpower the rest of his character friends created by Disney. Disney grew by cashing in on the Mickey phenomena that gripped the world. I think to revamp this vintage character for any market would not yield the desired results Disney expects. It also affects the loyalty that audiences share to Mickey and his creators. Do we really need another action hero? No where in the world is there a shortage of action heroes. Every country has its own regional super hero. With globalization, American super heroes speak in multiple tongues arranging from Japanese to Hindi. So why subject Mickey to such identity crisis after 81 years.

Wonder what is in store of Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and the rest of Mickey’s friends. Only the success of Mickey the aggressive rascal can predict the future of his friends.

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