Delhi Vs Delhiites

The road to Delhi has been a rickety and vacillating one for the Commonwealth Games committee. Delhi has given the Commonwealth Games a taste and larger slice of the quintessential Indian life. It has been subjected to politics, delay, Indian bureaucracy, name blame, finger pointing, public spats and larger than life media coverage.

Why does our government screw up beyond irreparable anything that has to do with sports? Be it hockey, shooting, badminton, tennis. Unfortunately, one ‘Chak De’ can do only so much.

Anyways, I just read a quote by Sheila Dixit from The New Indian Express,

“We want to showcase Delhi as a great infrastructure, terrific soft infrastructure, where a warm, civil and humane populace exists. The last part we decide to skip. We would like to have people who will be nice to the global tourists and sportspersons, but since Delhiites are incapable of being nice to anyone, we have decided to pack them off to some for the entire duration of the games. We discussed this option after exhausting all other options. Globally, city-zens try to make their city proud. They keep it clean, they drive with civility, exchange pleasantries casually with strangers and are helpful to them. They own their city, feel pride in its glory and try to make guests feel welcome. Since, regretfully, Delhi if full of Delhiites, who understand none of this, we have decided to ban their presence in the Capital during the Commonwealth games.”

Can a chief minister of a UT make such a comment? The government wants to cast out its own people from the National Capital Region to outshine its Atithi Devobhava campaign. Foot in mouth? Ms.Dixit has a way with words and is no stranger to the ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome. I reckon Ms.Dixit does not plan on contesting again. Does Ms.Dixit and the government think that banning the presence of Delhiites in Delhi is a solution to anything? So, where does Ms.Dixit plan to ship them off? Once all the Delhiites are shipped off from the National Capital Region then what? A ghost town plays the perfect host. She wouldn’t have to worry about cleanliness, driving with civility and exchanging pleasantries. Does she plan a reality show to short list candidates who are clean, drive with civility and are nice?

So according to Ms.Dixit, we take the Delhiites from the National Capital Region and relocate them in order to get nice, hospitable people in their place till the games. How does anyone plan and prepare to validate such a statement.

Ms. Dixit, you can say Abracadabra before you wave your magic wand. If things were that straightforward in our intricate democracy we could have solved problems that plague us since independence. This new-fangled concept will keep the media at bay for sometime. The country will haunt Ms. Dixit regarding her government’s failure to get the appropriate infrastructure up and running. Instead of trying to relocate uncivil people she better get to work on finding tangible answers for the failure of getting the infrastructure in place.

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