AFTERNOON ROAR – Wedding invites or Coasters

I have no clue when I signed up to receive e- mails from Vera Wang on Weddings. Being single and fed up of listening to never ending fairy tale marriage stories does take a toll on your inner monologues. Even if I was pissed drunk, I would never ever sign up for Vera Wang on Weddings. Anyways, some day I did. Vera Wang

I ain’t a fashionista. But can sense and appreciate creativity and class. I’m completely bowled over by Vera Wang as a designer especially her wedding collection. Her creations are spectacular, magnificently graceful and her color palette is surprising and riveting. Vera Wang on Weddings is addictive. Each time you visit the her site, you fall more in love with her designs and sense of creativity.

Few days back I got an e-mail from Vera Wang on Weddings regarding her collection of fine paper and wedding invites. I have always had a soft corner for wedding invites. Vera Wang’s collection of fine paper and wedding invites is to die for. The designer plays with rich color palettes, designs and texture.

Vera Wang Invite

In India (the land of the big, fat, wedding) not much creativity is invested in wedding invites. Most invites end up as coasters and paper kept near the telephone to jot important numbers. Choices are made from standardized templates to save time and avoid the extra running around. As long as the names are spelled correctly, the date is right and the venue is mentioned it is ready to be posted.

Things are changing. The wedding planners definitely know how to rake in their moolah. With theme weddings the order of the season, wedding invites have evolved. Those who take charge of their own weddings manage to send a ‘cool’ and hip e-invite to their friends. The template version is send to their relatives.

Among the millions of invites printed every year, very few end up treasured ones. This could soon change. The Indian wedding rakes in annually Rs.1, 25, 000 crores. (Rediff news) The industry is recession proof as every couple wants a unique and spectacular dream wedding. Hence, they are willing to take extra expenses. An industry increasingly defined by creativity and design, Vera Wang’s wedding invites could be the next social mandate for upper class weddings in India.

Creativity always comes at a price. Vera Wang’s Vera Lace Bordered Oyster VW White Lace White Personalized Correspondence Cards definitely lives up to its name. The price per 50 is $206.00. If you order them when the dollar rate goes down to 40 it is Rs.8, 240.

Definitely on my desirable wish list. Here’s what you should be clicking to make your dream wedding come true or if you want to appreciate creativity and fashion sense.

(pictures have been downloaded from Vera on Weddings)

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