The government and the media were both very excited about our President’s visit to UK. The President dominated the front pages through out the entire visit. A few pictures caught my attention. Frivolous as it sounds; my attention was to the President’s gloves.

Per the norm, your shoes, handbag/clutch and gloves must be of identical color. This color must co-ordinate with your outfit. At least the Queen follows this norm. I came across this picture (taken from the internet). The black glove has to go. It is a strict no with the cream sari. I saw another picture of the President in a cream/off white sari with cream colored gloves. Maybe, that day she forgot to match her gloves or like many of us pulled the first one out of the suitcase.

The President's Glove

  1. I noticed this gloves matter now only…even if she is a the first citizen of our country, outfit speaks!!

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