AFTERNOON ROAR – what the radar picked up

Christ College did have its share of eye candy. My best friend W did end up eying fine candy. They were always out of my league and would never fall on my radar. My radar was fine tuned to pick up signals from the following –

*someone who could talk. Talk politics, foreign affairs, books, life. Anything covered in wit and sarcasm would short circuit the radar.

*writing. Especially poetry. I started reading poetry very late in my life. It took a while before I could decipher anything poetic. This made me more than fascinated with anyone who could write poetry that I could not understand!!!

*book in your hand. Titles and book covers made a huge impact for me.

Yes, my radar did short circuit in college. I lurk his blog now. The writing is awesome. The poetry is magical. Ok, apart from drooling and hitting backspace I can’t quite pen the words!

His writing makes him extremely desirable. I swear in his entire life I am sure not a single person would have said this to him. Damn, why can’t the universe conspire? His writing makes me feel so connected with him. Our monologues are in absolute harmony. I just read what I wrote. Jeez, I sound like a Yash Raj movie script with horrible lighting. I’m sure he will fall in love with a girl who can’t understand or appreciate his writing and wishes for someone who does. It’s universal. Nice guys (whom I like) get horrible dumb women who have no regard or appreciation for them or their art.

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