Writing after a two month hiatus. This means less writing and more of hitting backspace. To recap, so you know where all the meaningful posts, repressed anger, inner monologues, aggravation, happiness and the swearing arise.

Aug 15th now has a very special meaning in my life. Freedom from being a slave of globalization to an internet giant. I quit my job. There is more to globalization than brands, malls and lifestyle. A post on this soon.

Came off for a short and well-deserved vacation home i.e. Kerala. I felt I needed to get away from everything and everyone. Clear the air, breathe, contemplate, read, write, organize my inner monologues.

Continuing on that “short” and well-deserved vacation. Adjusted my life to certain forgotten luxuries – early morning kapi made my amma, access to full force running water in the shower, car, absolutely delicious food, resting, sleeping in the afternoon and more resting. The Greeks would be very proud of me for being an excellent parasite. In ancient Greece, parasites were pretty much like nomads. They earned their daily meals by entertaining the village folks through conversation/verbal communication. All I do is talk. Topics never run dry with my super receptive audience.

Numerous times, I had doubts on my hiatus. There were days dominated with blah-ness or laziness. Days were I did not answer calls cause I had nothing to say or tell. Days that made me feel enormously stupid. Days where I could not decide the simplest of choices. There was no shortage of emotional junk lashed by my monologues. Eventually time settles everything that has been floating around for ages. Certain moments do form a full circle.

The lull has worked. Certain concepts had to be mend. Certain changes obligatory. Certain passion and energies rekindled. Certain personal equations changed. Acknowledged certain myths that work well. Certain addictions are good. Right now, it’s Twitter. Stalking random people on twitter is extremely insightful.

Take the hiatus if you require one, it really works. The lull concocts a kind of riveting energy into your soul.

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