The roar of the Zaheer

The Roar of the Zaheer

The Roar of the Zaheer

I am a follower of the group, “Indian cricket is the best thing that could happen in life”. The best possible words which explain my emotion for the game is – I love cricket.

Since this is my blog, I am going all out to proclaim that there is no sport which captures drama, excitement, tension, fear, victory, failure, patience, energy, life and the roar as cricket. I watch the game for the roar from team India. Roar is defined as, “a powerful, intimidating sound….. Animals may roar for various reasons, including territorial proclamation, communication with other members, and anger”.

Under Dhoni’s leadership, every player has contributed to the roar. Seamers as Sreesanth, RP Singh, Irfan Pathan and Ishant Sharma have perfected the roar. Undoubtedly, the king of the roar is Zaheer Khan in all forms of the game. Zaheer’s trademark roar is absolutely riveting, magnetic and enchanting. I am sure being a pace spearhead in the team equates to Zaheer being invincible and it is this feeling which is reverberated in his roar.

The roar has taken Zaheer to higher pedestals in the cricketing world. Zaheer’s roar gained greater impetus with numerous ODIs, test match and T20. As I am writing this, I can recall his loudest roar – Dec 2003 – where he took five of the top 7 Australian batsmen in the first innings.

News reports confirmed that Zaheer Khan underwent a major surgery on his left shoulder at a hospital in Johannesburg and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. Zaheer’s recovery time is estimated to take anywhere between six to eight months. Six to eight months out of the cricket world can spell the end of Zaheer’s roar. With the dynamic nature of the selection process, politics and associations that govern the selection committee, new and younger talent and all the other variables that dictate the dark side of this game uncertainty looms large above jersey number 34.

May Zaheer’s fervor for the game enable him to return with a louder and resilient roar that reverberates INVINCIBLE.

Zaheer Khan’s Profile –

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